Guiding Principles & Obvious Truths

@jon @jxn @savkruger @grin tagging you all as the current contributors and to share some proposed re-wordings for consideration as the focus of Cabin evolves (most recently outlined in the Cabin Labs - Spring 2024 for those not up to speed).

Current Framing of Cabin’s Guiding Principles and Obvious Truths

Proposed re-framing

What if 1.2 was re-written as: “1.2 We can find our people online and in person” given the emphasis on local neighborhood building?

And 2. was written as: “2. Harmonize with Nature” instead of “Integrate with Nature”? For humans to embrace a more sustainable culture, we need to recognize that we are a part of nature, not separate. Integration implies separation, harmony speaks to constructive co-existence. Screenshot from this article for more perspective on the topic:

And 3. & 3.1 were re-written as:

3. Sharing is Caring

  • 1. We gather online and IRL to share resources, time and space
    1. Co-creation grows culture (no changes)

“Creating means doing” doesn’t really feel like it resonates.

“Sharing is Caring” feels like a more encompassing statement that “Create Together”. When you share resources, time and space, you are creating opportunity for connection, trust, and belonging.

No rush on this - sharing while on my mind after working on the Community Gatherings proposal and reframing of Supper Clubs.

if there was alignment on it being worthwhile to consider changes to the high level framings, would be happy to explore what the more detailed paragraph explanations for the summary points could read as. :thought_balloon: