Hi I'm Matai 👋

Felt called to share a bit about my background to help provide some more context on my perspectives as we dive into more forum discussions.

I recently joined Cabin as a contributor within Cabin Labs in November of 2023 after getting to enjoy hanging out with the Cabin community online, at Neighborhoods and events since 2022. I started out working part time for the 1st month, before transitioning to full time.

I am so grateful to have been connected to an abundant network of wonderful people across the Cabin Universe and am excited for what the future holds.

Aside from my work supporting Cabin Labs, I am working on plans to co-found a multi-property Neighborhood ~1hr outside of LA, and am very excited about the potential for collaboration locally and globally across the network.

More details to come, feel free to ask any questions in the meantime.

Find me on socials @mataiblacklock or reach out on Discord or Telegram! :love_letter: