DAO Multi-Sig Signers

In a step towards progressive decentralization, this is a proposal to add 3 signers to the DAO multi-sig.

The DAO multi-sig is currently a 2/3 signed by Jon Hillis, Dave Merin, and Zakk Fleischmann. If approved, this proposal would increase the multi-sig to a 3/5 with the following signers:

  • Jon Hillis
  • Dave Merin
  • Chalice Stroebe
  • Jackson Steger
  • Alex Grintsvayg

All three of these new signers have a history of contributions that make them trustworthy stewards of executing the DAO’s proposals. Increasing the multi-sig from a 2/3 to a 3/5 will increase the security of the multi-sig by requiring more signatures while also decreasing the risk of compromise and burden of execution associated with any one signer.

Hey Jon, I would actually prefer to be removed as a signer. Given that I haven’t been active in Cabin in over a year, that’s probably best for the community as well.

Sounds good, I’ve updated the proposal to reflect this

With no further feedback, I am going to send this proposal through to the DAO for a vote

Following up on this: the proposal passed and has been executed.

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