David (Dahveed) | Haifa, Israel

HI, I’m David (sometimes spell it phonetically the way I pronounce it: Dahveed).

I was born in Kyiv (Ukraine), grew up in Philly (USA), lived in NYC (USA), and now building my community in Haifa (Israel).

I met Cabin contributors at ETH Denver and now want to be a neighborhood steward for Haifa and a contributor to the wider Cabin community.

Immediately found a ton of overlap between what Cabin and myself are doing, like hosting dinners that bring friends and strangers together (I do that every Friday night), having physical spaces for artist residences (have a similar idea for musicians), and just living close to your friends in order to build a strong and fun community.

I’ve done sketch and improv comedy for a while, and write songs that I play on guitar. So always down for guitar circles.

In Web3, my background is in content/copywriting and in DAO governance.


I love David! Thanks for introducing yourself here. I’m so excited to build with you. (David’s at the head of the table standing up in the photo, FYI)

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Love you too and excited to nourish a local neighborhood here. Funny thing is I didn’t check if I was in that pic I uploaded, was just a good representation of the dinners I host. But yes, that is me with the guitar there )).