Economy of a virtual state

Hello everyone! I am very happy to be among you! Due to my busy schedule, I have not had enough time for full communication. What brought me here was not just curiosity and not just the desire to participate in the Cabin events.

In 20 years of evolution as an economist and investment analyst, I have come to understand the emerging future. Please understand me as a person who is not trying to write beautiful texts; I want to offer practical applications for technology.

In this regard, I have formulated for myself some social and economic concepts of projects that, it seems to me, correlate or perhaps bring this future closer.

If you are driven by a healthy desire to build a free society of the future, then in my case and the case of all my people under occupation, it is a matter of survival. But since our goals are of the same nature, I would like to share some ideas.

The first idea that can be implemented now is to integrate the business of ordinary offline enterprises into the blockchain and create an independent capital market for participants in a virtual free community, or rather for its economy.

I will describe the Cabin’s economic development project so that you can evaluate it and perhaps find it useful for the community.

Integration of offline businesses and projects into the economy of a decentralized community.

Having no information about projects like Cabins, and motivated to create a virtual free community by the dramatic events in my historical homeland, I found a simple way to build a free society by creating a business environment where the most important economic attribute of private property - the inalienable human right to the results of one’s labor and fair market recognition (through capitalization) for all productive assets, including the time, talent and effort put into creating value.

I will try to clearly describe the process and the logic of the way I propose to bring offline business into a decentralized space of economic freedom:

For example, some of you may have a private business in your local country. How can you use an investment DAO to open or develop an existing offline business, such as a coffee shop, bakery, manufacturing, etc.?

You can do this, for example, as I have described below.

Let’s say one of the Cabin participants needs to scale his business and attract additional capital for development.

(1) On a platform specialized for this purpose (where all the necessary tools are available), you can create a DAO of your company and mint tokens at the price you set in stablecoins (e.g. USDT) and in such a quantity that the total cost is equal to the amount of funds needed for your project. I know a very good solution - a platform for this, but I don’t want it to be perceived as advertising.

(2) Then, in the Cabin community, you inform everyone of your decision and provide a link to your company’s DAO on a third-party investment blockchain platform, where you have registered the company with a description of the project and economic parameters.

(3) Any interested Cabin member can buy a stake in your business by purchasing the tokens you create and receiving governance tokens to vote. Once all tokens have been sold and the required amount has accumulated in your DAO account, you initiate a vote to withdraw funds offline for the purposes described in detail. Without a vote and consensus, the smart contract does not allow a single cent to be withdrawn (this is provided for on the platform, as you understand).

(4) After, say, a quarter, your business’s profits or assets will increase by, say, 15%. If it is the operating profit, already cleared of all taxes, then you distribute this profit to all participants in proportion to their contribution in any convenient way (stablecoins, bank transfer, or even cash, if convenient).

If the investment led to an increase in the value of assets (not operating profit), then there is always the possibility of confirming and agreeing on a change in capitalization.

(5) After distributing the profits (or confirming an increase in asset value), you initiate a vote in the DAO to increase the price of your token by the same 15%. Naturally, the participants who have been paid their share of the profits by you will vote to change the initial value of your joint venture token. After that, any outside party or booth participant will be able to buy or sell a share on the platform at the new price.

Thus, the capitalization of a company or project, confirmed by the results of its activities, will grow or change depending on these results. If the members of your DAO are also members of the Cabin, then the business reputation of each project member will be formed.

On the Cabins website, in the corresponding section, there will be information about similar DAOs of participants, where you can enter into business relationships, debate and discuss business, and make and accept proposals to make joint decisions on your DAOs on the investment blockchain platform, wherever you are your business.

In such an interaction, there is no basis for conflict with the applicable laws in the territory where the company operates, since the distributed profit is already tax-exempt.

Believe me, this is the real and best way to include the real economy in a virtual jurisdiction, making it full-fledged and competitive. Any public entity, be it a company or a state, is based on economic relations and the presence of a mechanism for creating values. The difference between them is only in the degree of economic freedom of the creators. I think there may be many ideas here for forming a budget and treasury for joint management, and even creating jobs within the framework of a virtual state, in addition to the current method of collecting contributions or donations.

In the next publication, if you are interested, I would like to draw your attention to my own global startup in the field of green energy, which I am currently working on and for the implementation of which I am looking for a technology specialist (blockchain platform development) and a representative of the Virtual Power Plant to act with me as co-founder.

I have registered a company in the USA. I have fully described the concept and even the working mechanism of tokenomics, but the project is at a very early stage.

The fact is that I was proposing a way to create a real decentralized space of free creators of values and for the creation of values, but not of sectarians who collect values created outside this community. Do you understand the difference? I came to you openly with my name ENS, without fear for my reputation, it is pure in this incarnation and will remain so. I have come to you for experience, to create economic for people, to allow them to become a community of free creators. And I sincerely hope that any reasonable person among you will be able to understand the justice of my intentions. In any case, you are a prototype and a positive precedent for the future of a free, decentralized economic space. And I thank you for that, even though you have fallen into the habit of creating a sect instead of a space for free creation. Thank you anyway.