Experiment: Posting a map of neighborhood + simple CTA to connect if you live near me

Hi All,
I’m building a neighborhood of friends in Boulder, CO and I just ran this experiment of sharing my desire to create community in my neighborhood + a map to visualize the community that’s already occurring here + a desire to connect w people who already live near me and here’s what happened:

Building a Neighborhood of Friends in Boulder, Colorado - Watch Video

Also got some DMs that I missed in the loom:

All in all, I’m learning (again) that just doing a small, low-effort thing to test the water is so much better than waiting longer to do the perfectly perfect thing.

We shall see if any of these people who live in my neighborhood are a good fit, but this seems like a pretty easy way to test the waters as opposed to going door to door.


Finally found time to watch the video! This is awesome Savannah and I can just second that learning… doing small, low effort things to test is way better than waiting for perfect. :slight_smile: Will share more about my experiment soon!


Just wanted to share that I’m super inspired by both you and @savkruger putting together these maps and sharing them — really helps to visualize the neighborhood you’re building & help people place themselves into it.

@savkruger I wonder if this should be one of the initial activities as part of the cohorts: make a map of your neighborhood and highlight the current state, allow people to add themselves to it over time. @grin I wonder if we could incorporate these local maps into the neighborhood pages of the app.


As an update, I have three walks scheduled w folks in my neighborhood that reached out from this post.

@KathiInPorto @jon thanks for the love!

As for maps in the cohort I think it could definitely have a place. I love being able to share the link and see people instantly get it and see all the progress.

I agree that a map tool could be very cool on the app!