Is Cabin a business or a government?

Thanks for sharing these thoughts & ideas @Dahveed!

Yes, I think the idea of a lower cost membership tier makes sense & is in line with what @camlindsay has been thinking about and proposing here: Cabin Citizenship 2.0

love this idea. I have been thinking more about this as well — it seems like this type of reciprocal support network could be a core part of Cabin. Part of what we do is celebrate each other’s wins & signal boost others in the community doing cool, aligned work.

yes, this is correct — it’s a governance token for our DAO. I am also interested in experimenting with tokens for local neighborhoods. One example I’ve followed is OAK, a “community currency for the city of Oakland”. Community treasuries with shared governance also seem like a cool idea, but unclear how it works in practice. I think @Matai has been thinking about this and is incorporating it into his new proposal. As with all things, we just need to run small experiments and see what works.