Proposal: Rebooting Campfire for an ongoing Season 3

Rebooting Campfire for Season 3 and beyond

1. TL;DR

This proposal’s purpose is to fund more podcast episodes and further position Cabin as a community where ambitious, thoughtful people reimagine how we live. The USDC costs per episode for this fellowship are 11% lower than in previous seasons to keep the team and budget lean.

Rebooting Campfire for another season has four complimentary goals. A longform storytelling platform allows Cabin to:

  1. Build partnerships with others reimagining how we live.
  2. Learn and adopt practices that have been successful for organizations operating in similar spaces to Cabin, which may inform experiments incubated by the recently-passed Cabin Labs fellowship.
  3. Further the Cabin story and build on our own narrative. Cabin is dynamic and multifaceted - it’s important that we have a platform to share the nuance of what we are learning and doing for a range of stakeholders.
  4. Grow the audience of people interested in building a network city

Editorially, season three will pick up where season two left off - we can bring on guests that are pioneering new models for living.

To produce 26 episodes by July 1, we are requesting $28,860 and 1,170 CABIN

2. Team

  • Sponsor: Jackson Steger
  • Steward: Jackson Steger
  • Members: Colin (aka prodcolin), contractors and other token holders like Philippe or Dino as needed

3. Goals

What are the OKRs for this proposal?

- Objective: Resume weekly episodes of Campfire for the first half of 2024.
- Key Results:
- 26 episodes released by July 1.
- Each episode will come with a highly produced asset(s) for social media to be shared on the Cabin Twitter and Instagram feeds.
- 100% increase in current Campfire listenership

4. Proposed Budget

The following budget will allow for highly-produced, well-researched episodes to be created and released each week for six months. On a per episode basis, this has 11% lower USDC expenses and 63% lower CABIN expenses than the last podcast fellowship that the DAO approved ($1,110 now vs. $1,240 before and 45 CABIN now vs. 123 CABIN before).

*Funds that are not spent will be returned to the DAO upon conclusion of the fellowship

5. Timeline and Deliverables

One episode will be created and released each week for six months. This will be completed by July 1st. One episode is already recorded and is ready to be edited. Upon a proposal passing, an existing list of prospective guests will receive invitations to come on the show. Other guests who have already agreed to come on the show will record their episodes. If any prospective guests decline their invitations, we will find other guests.

If our OKRs are met and the fellowship feels fulfilled in its work, it may request to renew its fellowship via another DAO vote next summer.


This looks great! If I could vote on proposals I’d vote for this!

If it’s not too nosy, I’d love to know who’s on your shortlist to interview for this season.


Thanks! A bunch of people are on the wishlist but I’ll hold off releasing actual names so as to not overpromise and underdeliver. But generally, people that I discuss in the first half of this post are the ideal kind of guest, as are many other urbanists and pioneering thinkers. Also, would love to score some big name guests who have built worlds like Sid Meier, but folks like him are a longshot because they don’t do too many PR appearances. But a man can dream :grinning:

Three folks have committed to coming on the show already. They are Dryden Brown (CEO/cofounder of Praxis), Priya Rose (cofounder of Fractal NYC), and David Samson (Author of Our Tribal Future)

You can look at past episodes here! Spotify


Gorgeous! I hear you on the overpromising. Well, I’m excited! So many of the episodes have really touched me, so thank you.

My partner and I are chatting with Priya in the next few days to talk about how we can turn our apartment building in Boulder, CO into something similar to what they’ve built at Fractal. Jon, my partner has spent some time there and we’re totally inspired. We’ve got about half of our building in a discord, we’re having regular, super sweet gatherings and we’re excited to deepen all of it.


Thanks again, glad you’ve liked the episodes :slight_smile: And so cool re: your Boulder ambitions! I’m in the early stages of trying to do something similar with my friends in Los Angeles, but there aren’t too many apartment buildings in our neighborhood, so we are starting by trying to just fill the houses around ours. Priya & Andrew’s superpower is their ability to host a weekly meal every single week - we’re inspired by that.

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Looking forward to Campfire being #1 on my Spotify Wrapped 2024 list :grin:

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wahooo! excited to learn and grow alongside Cabin :partying_face::nerd_face:

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I just gifted you 50 ₡ABIN so you can start participating in votes — thanks for being an active community member of the forum! (note that you won’t be able to vote on this proposal because it takes a snapshot of current token holdings when the vote starts, but you’ll be able to vote on all future ones)

I also saw you had requested a Citizenship vouch so I went ahead and vouched for you : )

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I just voted on this proposal: 30% for, 70% against.

I love Campfire, easily one of my favorite podcasts. @jxn, @prodcolin, and the Campfire team set a high bar and have a proven track record of creating fantastic content.

However, I think >$1000 per episode is expensive, and this proposal has low demonstrated ROI. It’s unclear to me how this results in revenue that justifies the cost. I think one of the highest value parts of it will be the episode transcriptions, which I assume we will keep publishing, and have the potential to improve our SEO.

Episode transcriptions will continue!

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For anyone looking to vote, the proposal is live here: Snapshot

Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate it. Stoked to be able to vote on things in here.

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Would you consider having sponsors run aligned ads on the podcast as a way to monetize it?

Absolutely! Know of anyone that would like to sponsor it?

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Not off the top of my head, but I’d be happy to have a call and brainstorm with you (and Colin/Philippe/Dino and whoever else is relevant). I’m looking for ways to contribute to Cabin and would love to get my hands dirty and reach out to folks if we came up with the numbers to make it worth it for them to advertise with us. Could be a good way to bring in revenue and move towards being default alive.

Some starting thoughts to kick us off:

  • Q for us: What demographics do we know about the people who listen to Campfire?
  • I’d love to know what metrics the podcast already has in terms of listenership
  • I want to strike a good balance between maintaining the value and tone of Campfire and monetizing advertisements. How to not bother listeners too much, while having enough airtime dedicated to ads to keep this work sustainable.
  • I could poke around other adjacent projects and podcasts and see what advertisers are already present on their podcasts so it’s an easier jump for them to make to work with Campfire.

I also have been wondering if you need help with transcribing previous podcast episodes into text for the website a la what @jon wrote a lil while ago about getting some SEO keywords present on the cabin website.