Ramping up Cabin engagement in Europe

Hi, Outpost caretaker here from Europe

I’m a big fan of the Cabin vision, and I experimented a bit since becoming a citizen
(I hosted a build week, and gave this Euro Cabin Twitter list a shot but so far I haven’t found the recipe to channel passing interest into lasting engagement.

Couple of reasons I can think of:

  • Belgium / north of France aren’t hotspots for nomads or revolutionaries
  • Cabin is still pretty US-centric
  • Cabin is still looking for its stride and the USP that makes people say: “hell yeah I want in” (or I’m no good at selling it)

I’m not quite ready to throw the towel and there’s a couple of things I want to try, in line with the experiments posted here:

  • I’m happy to host a supper club in Antwerp (note that I make a seriously tasty cheese fondue and that Antwerp is without a doubt one of the most underestimated cities in Europe)
  • I went to BalajiCon in Amsterdam last month and there I learned about https://almenr.dk/ - I really dig this idea and I’d love to sink my teeth in doing the same for Belgium / France. Basically you start by sourcing the people and then you find the land or property that matches their vision in terms of location, needs, etc…

In order to go from A to B, I am looking for some fellow travelers (not too far from Antwerp or North of France) that want to try and will this into existence.

Start with regular supper clubs and a Substack that sources cool / off the beaten track / unique properties that meet the Cabin vision.

Meanwhile you continue doing meetups, where the goal is to find people that trust each other enough to jump into cofounding a network village.

I remember there being quite a few Cabin people in Berlin (some of them looking to colive in the south of Europe) but I haven’t heard from them in a while. What’s the story, German friends?


I live in Berlin and would love to meet fellow Cabin people :slight_smile:
Just before getting to the end of your post, I thought that Berlin is probably better suited for it…


Awesome, we were thinking of visiting Berlin in spring (now that there is a night train from Antwerp to Berlin).

Not sure how mobile / nomadic / willing to trael you are but let me know if you’d be down to come to Antwerp for supper club

I’m in Amsterdam and going to host a supper club soon.
Could also come to Antwerp for a future supper club.
Anyway, nice meeting you!

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Thanks! Do let me know if you’re coming around.
At the moment I’m grounding into a new flat, so will not travel anytime soon.

Cool I will let you know when I plan the supper club!
Let me know what learnings you have from organizing one

Hi Christophe,
Supper club here will be on 16th in case you can make it. https://lu.ma/dig1hrbu

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Sharing a few other Supper Club gatherings folks might be interested in!

Excited too see people continue to connect in and around Europe :raised_hands:

Also have a question for folks…

Which major events (festivals, conferences, etc) in/around Europe do people think that Cabin should try to have a presence at? Berlin Blockchain Week & Istanbul Dev-Connect are examples top of mind :thought_balloon: Would love to see what we can make happen!

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There’s an upcoming Supper Club in Berlin on Tuesday Jan 9th for anyone interested!

cc @AliceSitar


Thanks! I went and it was amazing.
See the thread we just opened to talking about it :slight_smile:

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Antwerp supper club is online, let me know if you want to join!


Not around this time (greetings from sunny Madeira!) but hopefully next time.

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Check out @Anton’s post about ideas for community activations in the UK: Real World CABIN Experiment at a countryside estate in Devon, UK. A collaborative approach to community managed affordable housing :eyes:

We’ll be hosting an info session Mon 1/29 from 4:15-5pm UK time to talk more about this idea. Folks can add the session to their calendar here, or jump in the London Telegram group chat to connect with community in the area.

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Hi, I’m interested in joining a supper club in Belgium!

There are quite some blockchain events in Lisbon that might also be interesting (and we will probably attend some of them, so I’ll keep you posted once I know more :smiling_face:) plus there are some Cabin folks living in Lisbon, so it might be a great opportunity for a meet up.

Sorry, super late responding to this… :crazy_face:
But here’s one of the Germans with intentions to move to southern Europe…

We were living in Munich until the end of last year and moved to Porto. Still crazy far from Antwerp, but if you still didn’t throw the towel, I’m happy to chat more about ramping up cabin engagement in Europe! :heart::heart:


Just joined the forum. I’m in Slovenia, so far from any of the other people here. Interested in getting involved


There are people in Slovenia! Are you on the Discord? I can connect you :blush: