Support for Community Gatherings & Neighborhoods [old version]

Appreciate your continued feedback and help improving this proposal @Ktando :pray:

While the Cabin Labs Spring 2024 roadmap pauses new features around Citizenship, it is highly unlikely that it will go away, and discussions are being had around a lower cost Citizenship model, so I think it makes sense for this proposal to support a pathway towards Citizenship, with the key strategic drivers being:

  1. the collective sense of committing to build something together with fellow Citizens
  2. access to reimbursements for events and opportunities to participate in governance
  3. access to establish neighborhood treasuries as local enablers of collaborating to share resources

By rolling out more gatherings, I hope we can continue to get feedback that helps us improve the Citizenship offering through more discussions with folks who participate, hopefully finding more people who want to build within the Cabin ecosystem

Personally I like the idea of introducing a tiered system for Citizenship, and haven’t put a ton of thought into this but am sharing some initial brainstorming below:

1. ~$10/month to be a supporter with basic benefits like:
– access to list residences and connect with hosts on the City Directory
– access to a monthly member only community call
– access to community wide discounts / partner perks
– other ideas?

2. ~$420/year to be a supporter with more utility, like:
– minted membership NFTs
– access to reimbursement funding for gatherings
– access to annual CABIN governance token allocations (current rate is 25 CABIN / year)
– priority and discounted access to larger event gatherings (e.g .TNS Camp)
– other ideas?

3. ~$1000 or more per year to be a supporter than can directly fund initiatives, by enabling community members to allocate new funding towards specific projects within the Cabin ecosystem, while earning more CABIN for their contributions. I think that there are people in the Cabin community who would be happy to help fund other initiatives, but that might not have the time to lead the effort. Imagine being able to say hey, here’s a $1000 grant for someone to do X within the ecosystem? This would create a new funding mechanism beyond pure Citizenship fees and proposals that draw from the existing treasury.

Just some initial ideas… I know @camlindsay has been thinking a lot about Citizenship 2.0 along with @jon and others, and am excited to see what they propose, and we should probably start a dedicated forum post to discuss this evolution of Citizenship :dna:

How do we think about driving value to the token? In addition to providing great vibes, ultimately, we also have a responsibility to drive value to token holders.

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Thanks again for all the thought that went into this proposal. @Matai, this is all so well written. I appreciate it!

My concern is a broader concern. Many communities, with tens of thousands of members, have community gatherings, hosts, guides, huge content businesses, memberships, and congregate worldwide. One example is Most of these communities are bottoms-up and built (and paid for) by the community profitably. People paying for events shows demand and sustainability. I’m not convinced we should use the treasury for these events without a clear understanding of ROI.

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Hey Matai, thanks so much for this detailed proposal and the detailed commentary. Bummed to miss the call to discuss. Chiming in here as I think this is a really productive discussion for our community. I wanted to respond to your comment where you highlight that it’s commonplace not to consider ROI on proposals. While i don’t think every proposal needs to have a positive ROI, I do believe our community should have a stronger focus on outcomes and that proposals should generally drive us toward a sustainable model for the DAO, or at least be testing hypothesis along the way to get there. This is the only way we’ll build a thriving cabin community.


@Matai thanks for all the work you’ve put in shepherding and refining this initiative. To make sure I understand your latest thinking and what you’re proposing, I’ve tried to boil it down to the essence. Is this right, or which parts did I get wrong?

1. Gatherings and Treasuries

Key Results

  1. 30 new community gatherings
  2. 450 new newsletter subscribers
  3. 20 new Citizens (paid citizens, or airdrops ok? at current citizenship structure or at your proposed new tiers?)
  4. 20 neighborhood treasuries

Concrete Ideas/Changes

  1. expand the Supper Club program to include any community gathering
  2. a host no longer has to be a citizen to run a community gathering. all one has to do is a 30min call with a Guide to get vetted
  3. each host’s first community gathering gets reimbursed by Cabin at $15/attendee (up to 30 attendees max) paid directly to the host
  4. host must mention Cabin during the gathering and ask all attendees to fill out an exit survey after the event ends
  5. for each attendee who fills out an exit survey, the host’s neighborhood gets $5 USDC into their neighborhood treasury
  6. to spend from the neighborhood treasury, one must be a cabin citizen and part of a neighborhood that has at least one other citizen in it
  7. subsequent gatherings are not reimbursed, but hosts can use neighborhood treasury funds (if they are citizens) + ask attendees to pay
  8. neighborhood treasuries can be used for anything that citizens feel would grow the neighborhood


Matai will publicize/advertise this initiative, recruit and support hosts, distribute funds, nudge hosts to capture/create content from their events, use that content on Cabin’s socials

rough guess: X hours/week of work

2. Guides

Key Results

  1. onboard 10 other community guides

Concrete Ideas/Changes

  1. anyone (or any citizen?) can become a guide via 30min call with Matai
  2. once you’re a guide, you can onboard and approve non-citizens who want to run community gatherings
  3. a guide gets paid $15 for each host they approve + $35 for each even that host runs (forever?)


Matai will create materials for guides, host onboarding calls, support guides in their work

rough guess: X hours/week of work

3. Citizenship

  1. new tiers for citizenship?
  2. some fraction of citizenship income goes back to treasury?
  3. maybe these were just ideas and are out of scope of this particular proposal?


3 months


$21,000 + ???₡. Of this, $6,000 + ???₡ are discretionary. There’s no allocation to pay for Matai’s time?


thanks @Matai for continuing to revise this proposal and thanks @grin for this summary—it’s helpful to have a clear, concise summary of the plan

Overall, I am excited to see @Matai taking the lead on this independent proposal and I think this proposal has the potential to generate value beyond its costs. However, @grin’s summary doesn’t match the latest edits, and the revised proposal has some internal inconsistencies. I’d love to get a really clear sense of what exactly this proposal is asking for so we can move forward to a vote.

The revised proposal (edited first post) shows $17k USDC and 5.1k ₡ABIN, including 1000 USDC + 100 ₡ABIN / month compensation for @Matai.

However, it looks like the ₡ABIN numbers in the revised proposal don’t quite match up. The proposal says 5,100 ₡ABIN, but the chart breakdown shows 3,000 ₡ABIN. The chart has 600 ₡ for the steward, 600 ₡ discretionary, and 1,800 ₡ in rewards. The bullets below the chart say both 300 ₡ per month and 100 ₡ per month in steward payments, and have a 3000 ₡ discretionary budget.

@Matai can you help clarify the correct numbers?


Appreciate the continued feedback from everyone!

Took a step back for a second to find someone who wants to co-steward this proposal to approach it as a team.

We’ll be sharing more updates to the proposal Wednesday 4/24 for folks to review. Stay tuned! :love_letter:


Excited to hear more tomorrow! Thanks for your work!