Citizen-Led & Evidence-Based Strategy Reset

LAB: Citizen-Led & Evidence-Based Strategy Reset

Submitting this proposal to power a significant contribution towards the goal from Jon’s Proposal “Refine Vision & Strategy”

Passionate Cabin Citizen who believes in what we are building together and feels called to raise a hand and give my biggest contribution to Cabin to date. I am very blessed to have the tools and experience to be able to lead this LAB for Cabin. I spoke with my partners at Times New and Las Voces and everyone is on board with special budget reduction for Cabin DAO. We’re happy to discuss our methods and deliverables pre-voting in a town hall or core team meet up, to refine this proposal further.

We propose a research & strategy lab, gathering accurate and up to date insights the areas of

  • People
  • Market
  • Product
  • Brand
  • Communications
  • Operations

To assist Cabin in refining their vision and developing an evidence based strategy to meet our goals.


Preliminary Research

Design Data Collection & Methodologies

Conduct Data Collection


Interpret & Model the Results

Strategy Sessions

  • Core team
  • Community level

Delivery of the Reports

Biweekly presentations of intermediate findings and insights. Discuss what we are learning together from the research, in order to validate assumptions, dispel biases, move on from erroneous strategies that don’t support sustainable growth.

Warning, data is powerful. The evidence may impact several pillars of the Business Strategy. It may prove we’re on the right track, or adjustments are strongly encouraged. Recommendations with be precise and always always supported by evidence.

Recalibration in the areas of

  • Growth & User Acquisition
  • Product/market fit
  • Brand differentiation
  • Communications (only maintain infra that is needed, trim the rest)
  • Operations/org map (recommended hires or work stream definition/contributor recrutiment)


  • Brand & Product Evolution Document
  • Community & Growth Strategies with Implementation Guide
  • Complete research log, this research should serve leadership at Cabin for the next 3 years at minimum

Additional Value Add

  • Determine the minimal viable components for a village
  • Create a repeatable process to activate a minimum viable village, including operational overhead

Extensions to this LAB (future)

  • Recruit & train for workstreams
  • Design and implement further feedback & research initiatives for Cabin
  • Hand-on Villages Development

$16,600 / mo for 3 months, partnership with &


Hey Jovian, thanks for putting this together. I appreciate the effort you put into this proposal. That said, I think it’s going to be challenging to get it approved. Check out the guidelines for proposals here: How to Draft a Proposal

A few call outs:

• This proposal doesn’t follow the proposal format, include the required information, or have a sponsor
• We are currently focused on stewarding revenue generating proposals
• This is a large request for a first time contributor without a track record with the DAO
• It covers work that is already in another proposal

Hey Jon! Super Appreciate the Feedback! I am doing some more digging into the documentation of the experiments of the last two years, looking for a tighter value add that’s in line with the current objectives and other workstreams in progress.

There is a lot of great context in the 2023 product directions doc, and I’m especially interested in the Citizenship Identity Direction. I would like to learn more about the strategy driving that direction, team, components in progress, as they become available.

I have 12 years experience in travel and hospitality, creating multiple super successful spaces and experience offerings around the world. I also have 3 years intense experience in Web3 community building, product & user research, and engagement. My partner Jordan specializes in identity creation for living brands that reflect collectives. Their work is especially popular in Web3. They did the identity for 1kx, which you may know.

Right now we are looking for aligned groups to contribute to. We are particularly excited about designing inventive user pathways to deepen membership, sense of community, and engagement in brands, through psychological ownership. We are interested in designing user pathways that include good deeds, collecting NFTs, badges, super special swag, and creating real memories. We love the projects that combine identity + community, the building blocks of belonging and of culture.

We will continue to read and familiarize ourselves with work in progress and will come back with another proposal. Any and all information that you think we should be looking at is much appreciated.


thanks for the context! Glad the memos have been helpful—please reach out if there’s anything I can do to help as you consider ways to get involved.