How to Draft a Proposal

Cabin decides how to spend money in our shared treasury via Proposals. This is where we share drafts of proposals in order to keep the community informed and gather interest. Proposals must be shared here 5 days before being posted for a vote.

There is a high bar for spending our collective treasury. Assume your draft proposal will require discussion, feedback, and edits. If we’re doing a good job as stewards of the DAO’s resources, many proposals will not pass.

Proposals should make a clear business case for how they will create substantially more value for the DAO than they cost. We are focused on proposals that generate revenue for the DAO in excess of their costs.

Good proposals are:

  1. Concise: brief but comprehensive
  2. Quantitative: clear OKRs, budgets, revenue, and payback periods
  3. Mission aligned: help us take clear steps towards building our network city

To be considered a valid proposal, make sure to include the following information:

Proposal Name

1. TL;DR

Describe your proposal, how much money it allocates and to whom, and the expected outcome.

2. Team

Describe team members and their qualifications.

  • Sponsor: [delegate with 1000 ₡ who will submit the proposal for a vote]
  • Steward: [leader of this proposal]
  • Members: [any other contributors]

3. Goals

What are the OKRs for this proposal?

  • Objective: what is the overall objective you are trying to accomplish?
  • Key Results: What are the specific, measurable outcomes of this proposal?

4. Proposed Budget

How much are you requesting and what is the intended use of funds?

  • USDC
  • ₡ABIN

Provide a simple financial model showing how the money will be spent and the expected payback period for the DAO.

5. Timeline and Deliverables

What are the milestones to achieving this goal and when will it be completed?

Anyone with 1000 ₡ABIN (or anyone who has been delegated 1000 ₡ABIN) can submit a Proposal for a vote via Snapshot. Votes last 5 days and we use quadratic voting to limit the power of folks with large amounts of ₡ABIN.


@jon Really loving the format of this template and the clarity I know I’ve had when reading proposals using it. Would it be ok if I used this structure as the outline for a public good proposal I’m writing?

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Glad to hear it & of course! Feel free to repurpose it for anything : )

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Thanks so much! Super generous.

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