Matai | Ojai, California 🌞

Hi I’m Matai!

I’m stoked to be here to connect with other community focused people who want to collaborate to create more opportunity for connection locally and globally :world_map:

Currently I live outside of Los Angeles in Ojai, California, but I grew up most of my life in the lower Hudson Valley of NY (think forests and lakes instead of the NYC skyscrapers). This pic was taken looking into the small pond in front of my childhood home :green_heart:

I grew up speaking French and English thanks to my mom enrolling me at the French American school she taught English at, and learned German while taking part in government fellowship in Germany during college. Wir konnen gerne auf Deutshe reden, & je suis tres rouillΓ©, mais on peut parler francais aussi :slight_smile:

I joined Cabin as a contributor with Cabin Labs in November of 2023 after getting to enjoy hanging out with the Cabin community online, at Neighborhoods and events since 2022. I love being connected to such an abundant network of wonderful people across the Cabin Universe and am excited for what the future holds.

I may update this post with more info later. Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime.

Find me on socials @mataiblacklock or reach out on Discord or Telegram! :love_letter: