Cabin Community Gatherings

Check out our Community Gatherings Calendar to find or share opportunities for gatherings with the global Cabin community! Hope to see you at one soon! :wave:

Upcoming Gatherings

Want to share information about a gathering our community should know about? Let us know and we can add information here.

Funding for Gatherings

Cabin Citizens and Neighborhood Steward Cohort members can access up to $450 in reimbursements for hosting approved community gatherings ($15/per-person for up to 30 people). Hosts can submit events for approval on the calendar, reaching out to @savkruger or @Matai to approve the event.

First time hosts can still access reimbursement before becoming a Cabin Citizen to help welcome more people into our growing community. :handshake:

Funding for community events started with Supper Clubs, but has expanded to include opportunities for other types of events to be approved, as long as they are a part of a strategy focused on building local place-based community around Cabin Neighborhoods, with hosts encouraged to share about the events and their visions for their community in the Neighborhood Stories forum category.

Learn more about our current focus by checking out the Cabin Labs Spring 2024 roadmap.


Gatherings are at the core of what the Cabin community is all about, whether online or in-real-life (IRL), we hope to help connect people around the globe to opportunities to come together, share space, and have fun.

If you have any questions, want to suggest we add an event, or are curious to learn more, drop a comment and make sure to sign up for Cabin’s newsletter @ to get notified as new updates are shared.

Past Events

A summary of past events since Winter 2024 season:

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