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Supper Clubs are community meals hosted by Cabin Citizens

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Cabin helps people meet online (URL) to then gather IRL (In-Real-Life). Supper Clubs started as dinner parties, but evolved in community meals of all sorts to help people get to know each other and foster a sense of belonging.

Each Supper Club offers our community a chance to put into practice the rituals and traditions that nourish not just the body but also the soul. It is a sanctuary for building relationships, a stage for cultural exchange, and a foundation for social cohesion.

As modern life continues to evolve, the importance of maintaining this tradition only grows, reminding us to prioritize meaningful interactions and the integrity of our human connections. Read more about the origins of Supper Clubs.

Attending a Supper Club

Anyone can attend a Supper Club, and we hope you get the opportunity to connect with community around shared interests, enjoyable conversation, and delicious food. No one Supper Club will be the same thanks to the diversity of our community as we embrace our shared desires to connect with new, old, and yet to be friends. You can view a thread of past Supper Club gatherings here (coming soon). :people_hugging:

Guests are all offered an attendance NFT airdrop. Hosts or other Citizens at the event can explain how we use Cabin Stamp NFTs as fun mementos for attending events that show up in Cabin Census profiles. Anyone new to NFTs can be helped by someone from the Cabin team to set up a wallet and learn more as a follow up after submitting the feedback form (more details below).

What are guidelines for hosts?

Anyone can get reimbursed for hosting their first Supper Club! Whether or not you have Cabin’s yearly Citizenship membership, anyone can submit an event for approval with Cabin experimenting to support many forms of Community Gatherings

Supper Clubs must be free for guests to attend. Cabin reimburses Citizens who want to host community meals to help make this possible. Hosts can coordinate with guests to make the event totally free, ask guests to contribute potluck dishes, or to split the tab above the $15/per-attendee reimbursement if communicated ahead of time (more details below). :coin:

Hosts help curate the vibe of the gathering, choosing not only a time and place for the event, but also the intentions around which they invite guests to join and ways to encourage interaction. Is this a simple meet and greet at a cafe, or are we about to dive into meaningful conversation around a cozy dinner table? Whatever the vision, join us in fostering more meaningful community gatherings. Read more tips about planning for a Supper Club from Jon’s comment below. :bulb:

Meaningful questions spark great discussions. From experience, we’ve learned that when guests all take turns answering a question, it can help everyone get to know unique aspects about each other beyond basic intros. We’ve started our own list of questions to spark interaction here (coming soon), feel free to comment or edit or add your own. :love_letter:

Authentic connection is the goal. Cabin is building a network city of people all over the world, and community gatherings like Supper Clubs are intentional ways of coming together to connect new and existing community members. We ask that hosts share with guests about their experience with Cabin so far, and how we help fund Supper Club gatherings to foster more community connections. :handshake:

We help hosts get the word out, inviting people who are connected to Cabin online, while encouraging hosts to invite their friends and other community members they might want to connect more with locally. We can collaborate to create graphics for the event using past examples, and will share new opportunities on Cabin’s

How can you be reimbursed for hosting?

Cabin Citizens can be reimbursed for hosting a Supper Club as a benefit of being a member to the network, up to a maximum of $450 for 30 attendees ($15/per attendee). This is to offset the cost of food, drink, and any other hosting expenses.

Hosts submit the reimbursement form post-event, after they have

  • Attached any receipts
  • Posted a picture from the event tagging @cabindotcity on Twitter/X (ideally all attendees are clearly visible)
  • Shared the Supper Club Feedback form with attendees
  • Included their ETH Wallet address for a USDC reimbursement (Fiat can be provided if necessary, but will take longer)

Cabin will review and submit reimbursements manually as soon as possible. yay for the possibilities of borderless crypto payments! :globe_with_meridians:

Reimbursement funds are allocated from Cabin Lab’s proposal to incubate the Supper Club program as we seek to foster more community gatherings and help introduce Cabin to new people. Continued funding for Supper Club reimbursements will depend on sustaining a positive flow of funds into Cabin’s treasury overtime. Learn more about how Cabin members govern our shared treasury here. :ballot_box:

More details about hosting a Supper Cub

  1. Submit an event for approval: Once you know when and where you want to host it, Create a new Event on Luma to be submitted for approval by clicking the + Submit Event button on the Supper Club calendar.

  2. Add “” as a Host on the event so that we can help stay in touch with guests about their Stamp NFT airdrop and future Cabin events. You can also update other settings for the Luma event to hide the location, schedule messages to guests and more (step by step guide for Luma events).

  3. Invite people to attend: After approval, let people know your event will be happening with the community on Discord, one of the Local Telegram group chats, and Cabin will share across socials @cabindotcity and our newsletter. We can collaborate to create graphics for the event that can be posted online or posted around town (view the Figma gallery of Supper Club announcements).

  4. Contact people who sign up: Ideally more than 3-days before your event to share details about logistics, something that you’re excited to talk about at dinner, and maybe a guiding question? We also recommend checking in on the day off the event to remind people and see if anyone has any last minute questions or change of plans. Luma has an easy feature to contact guests via Post, Reminders, and Feedback Emails that you can access when logged in from the Manage Event page.

  5. Plan your menu & vibe: Plan for how you’d like the event to flow and let guests know whether you will be cooking dinner, ordering out, if guests should plan to collaborate to cook together, or bring some sort of potluck dish. Make sure to ask your guests about any food allergies or dietary needs ahead of the event. Luma has an easy way to add a question to the registration process from the Manage Event settings as well.

  6. Host the gathering: Enjoy the process of hosting the event while helping to facilitate engaging conversation amongst guests. The topics and questions are up for you and them to choose. Introduce Cabin to anyone new, and let them know folks can stay connected by joining your local Telegram group chat.

  7. Follow up with guests: Ideally the day after the event, contact guests who attended, thanking them for coming while sharing a reminder about this feedback form. Luma has an easy built in way to Add Feedback emails and reminders for the event that can be scheduled ahead of time to make things easy.

  8. Submit Reimbursement: Fill out the required reimbursement form, making sure to include receipts from supplies, a pic of attendees, and where you’d like to be reimbursed.

  9. Share your experience: Post a pic from the event tagging @cabindotcity on X/Twitter and share your learnings, highlights and questions from the gathering in the Open Discussion section of our Forum.

What’s next?

More Supper Clubs to come! Its up to you and Cabin Citizens everywhere to help make this happen. Set up time to talk more about hosting a Supper Club near you.

Hope you get to join us for a Supper Club soon as we weave a tapestry of shared meals and stories where every gathering brings new friends and knits us closer as a community. Read through the comments below for more details on Supper Clubs, and feel free to ask any questions or share more advice of your own.


Here are some tips on how to host a Supper Club:


  • If you are planning a Supper Club if your local city, you will be the “Gatherer” of this experience, aka the facilitator of the event. You will be responsible for selecting the location/venue, planning the menu, getting any decor or entertainment items and ensuring a smooth, fun and energizing experience.
  • Once you’ve picked your date, location, theme and have started to invite your guests, it’s time to start event planning! You should be thinking about how to create an atmosphere and experience for your guests that will allow them to relax, foster connections and connect with one another. There are four elements to this: the menu, the music, the entertainment and the ambiance.


  • Greet each guests as they arrive and introduce yourself.
  • As guests arrive, make introductions and connect people to one another by name.
  • Create some space for mingling before sitting down to dinner or activities. Keep it relaxed and informal.
  • When everyone has arrived, or about 30-45 minutes into the event, mark the beginning of the Gathering with an official welcome announcement:
    • Share goals for the evening: meet new people, foster meaningful connections
    • Share your Cabin story of how you got involved/why you love our community. Share any experiences you’ve had with Cabin, our Guiding Principles, and what they mean to you
    • Hint at what is to come: any cooking or other activities planned. If you need volunteers for people to help out - make sure they know now! We believe in co-creation, so recruit people to help you cook and clean : )


  • As you start dinner, mark the moment with a toast, thanking your guests and anyone who has helped contribute to the evening.
  • If you see anyone on the outside of the group, make sure to bring them in and introduce them to others.
  • Capture the moment! :camera_flash: Make sure to take some snaps/videos, or if you’re allocating roles to your guests, ask someone to be the nominated photographer for the evening.


  • As the evening winds down, you should also mark the end of the evening. Include cheers, thanks, and share info on upcoming Cabin opportunities. It isn’t a sales pitch, but if they enjoyed this experience we hope they’d be interested in coming back for more.
  • It is important to have obvious markers for when it has ended (both for yourself as a host, but also so people feel comfortable to say their goodbyes!)
  • If someone expresses interest in learning more or connecting with the team, capture their name and email. Share with the Supper Club team after the event.

Contrastingly, here’s how not to host a Supper Club:

  • Avoid greeting guests as they arrive and assume they’ll make themselves comfortable on their own
  • Assume people will naturally introduce themselves to each other and don’t require any help
  • Never incorporate elements that help people connect with others, such as icebreakers or games
  • Lay the food out for people to take when they please instead of officially commencing the meal
  • Never officially close the evening and passive aggressively wait for people to leave

Here is a step by step guide with screenshots for adding a Supper Club event to the Luma calendar. Hopefully after hosts create their first event on the calendar its an easy process, but wanted to emphasize key steps in Luma when logged in and managing the event page:

1. Adding as a co-host so we can stay in touch with guests

2. Editing registration to

  • make sharing a Phone # optional
  • add questions to ask about any dietary needs and to learn if someone has attended a Cabin event in the past

3. Staying in contact with guests through the built in Luma features to contact guests via Posts, scheduled Reminders, and Feedback Emails

I also added a bunch of more detail to the original Supper Club guide page above.

Would love to hear what else would be helpful to add, anything to clarify further, or any other recommendations from the community! :love_letter:


Super helpful thank you!

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